Byzantium Orthodox Church Incense

Orthodox Incense Byzantium


Orthodox Church Incense. Our Byzantium Incense is a premium blend of fragrances and is characterised by a dense and velvety aroma. This Incense is handmade by Orthodox Monks, in the Monasteries of Mount Athos in Greece, using traditional recipes with quality ingredients that have been refined over the centuries, producing excellent quality fragrances. Church incense for use in the Church or Home. Available in 3 sizes.Please select size from drop down menu below. Please Note: Byzantium Incense is a most unique incense, since every single monastery uses a slightly different recipe from one and other, therefore the final product might vary slightly from one batch to another. This Church Incense is to be used in conjunction with quick lite charcoal. For Quick Light Charcoal, please see recommended items. WARNING: Do Not Leave Burning Incense Unattended and Keep Away From Children. Church Incense is Harmful if Swallowed.


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