Great Deesis

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Great Deesis (Includes: Saint Spyridon, Prophets - Daniel & Elias, Saint Symeon the God Receiver, James Brother of Christ, Saints - Stephen, Nicholas, Demetrius, George, Gregory the Theologian, John the Chrysostom, Basil, Athansius, Niphon of Constantinople, Artemius, Panteleimon, Theodore Stratelates, Theodore Tyro, Mercurius, Procopius, Christopher, Anthony, Euthymius, Sabbas, Ephraim the Syrian, David of Salonica, Cosmas, Damian, Tryphon, Onuphrius, Blaise, Parasceve, Catherine, Barbara and Photina). Orthodox, Byzantine style Icon (Ikon / Eikon). Mounted Icon print. Size: 20 x 26 cm Please note: All sizes are an approximate and may vary slightly.

Price: £16.99

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