Parish Service Register Landscape Format

Service Register Landscape Format


Service Register Landscape Format. A register of services for use by parishes. The essential church service record book. Each page is subdivided into 11 columns, giving you space to record the time, day, and date of each service held. You can enter the name of the officiant, communicants and attendance under and over 16. There is a column for the name of the preacher and of course the amounts of the collections, with additional room for notes and comments with page space for 20 services per page. The column headings are the same for both editions: Date, Day, Hour, Service, Officiant, Attendance (sub-divided into 'Under 16 and '16 and over') Communicants, Preacher, Subject, Notes. Landscape Size: 300mm wide x 210mm High. Number of Pages: 192 Hardback Edition.

Price: £33.25

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