Parable and Paradox, by Malcolm Guite Christian Poetry

Parable and Paradox, by Malcolm Guite


Parable and Paradox. Sonnets on the Sayings of Jesus and Other Poems. By Malcolm Guite. Since the publication of the bestselling Sounding the Seasons, Malcolm Guite has repeatedly been asked for more sonnets. This new collection offers a sequence of new 50 sonnets that focus on many passages in the Gospels: the Beatitudes, parables and miracles, teachings on the Kingdom, and the ‘hard sayings’ - Jesus’ challenging demands with which we wrestle. In addition this collection includes: • A sequence of seven sonnets on 'The Wilderness', exploring mysterious stories of divine encounter such as Jacob’s wrestling with the angel. • Poetic reflections on music, hospitality and ecology. • Seven short poems celebrating the days of creation. Number of Pages 128 Paperback Edition. Size: 216mm high x 135mm wide x 8mm depth.

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