Small Burner for IncenseSmall Burner for Incense

Incense Burner 11cm High


Adjustable Height Brass Incense Burner. A virtually smoke free way of burning Church Incense. This design of incense burner does not require any charcoal to burn the incense. All that is required is a lighted Tea-Light candle placed on the base, the incense is then placed in the metal cup. The rising heat from the candle slowly heats up the incense which in turn releases the fragrance. The incense bowl can be moved up and down the column to suit the ideal burning temperature for your prefered incense. Please do not overfill the the bowl, so as to allow the incense to melt and the scent to be released. It is also advisable to place the incense burner on a heat proof surface. Size: 11cm - 4 3/8 Inches high. For Church Incense, please see recommended items. WARNING: Do Not Leave Burning Incense Unattended and Keep Away From Children. Church Incense is Harmful if Swallowed. For Replacement metal grilles, please see recommended items.

Price: £18.99

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