Snail on a stylised acanthus leaf. Worcester.

Snail on a Acanthus leaf Worcester Guild Hall


Snail on a stylised acanthus leaf. Worcester Guild Hall. A pair of similar snails are carved onto two rectangular panels of carved foliage between the ground floor and first floor windows on the front of Worcester Guild Hall. They were carved there during restoration work as a tongue in cheek comment about the Stone Masons' boss who seldom took any notice of the fine work being carried out there. The snails were carved, sat in the yard for several weeks, were hoisted up the scaffolding, fixed in position and the scaffolding struck long before anybody bothered to visit the job - so the snails remain there to this day and it's highly doubtful that their existence was ever noticed! Built between 1721 and 1724 by Thomas White, the Guild Hall is the finest of the few surviving baroque buildings in Worcester. Approx height: 4 7/8 inches (12 1/2 cm), Weight: 500 grams.

Price: £21.99

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