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Into the Heart of Advent, Twenty-five Conversations with Jesus, by Penelope Wilcock

SKU SPCK-9780281084432

Get into the heart of Advent with Pen Wilcock and discover what Christmas really means to Jesus as he talks to her about God, the universe and a few other things. Imagine meeting up with Jesus for a heart-to-heart conversation. What would you say to him? What might he say to you? Penelope Wilcock takes us into the heart of Advent in this engaging devotional that offers a unique take on the Christmas season. In a series of twenty-five reflections, she invites you to listen in on conversations with Jesus about the Christian journey and the meaning of Advent for our lives today. Covering a variety of topics, from families, gifts, angels, homes and hospitality – and more besides – these are Advent reflections that speak to the core of the Christian faith. This is a book for anyone who has wondered what talking with Jesus might be like, or anyone who is looking for a fresh, alternative way of engaging with the Advent season. Get ready to be surprised and challenged, as you hear Jesus’ own take on the original Christmas and what it means for our world twenty centuries later.

Author: Penelope Wilcock
Published: Aug 2020
Number of Pages: 128
Publisher: SPCK