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Consecrated Celibacy, A Fresh Look at an Ancient Calling, by Christine Barnabas

SKU SP-9781789592344

​Christians who feel called to remain unmarried but not to life in a religious order often face the challenge of identifying, naming and responding to their vocation, both within and outside traditional church life. Christine Barnabas takes a fresh look at consecrated celibacy, a calling she believes experiences a new lease of life on the edges of the institutional church. Reflecting on her own journey and encounters with others, she explores the biblical affirmation of the single life and the many ways consecrated celibacy has been expressed throughout history. She explores some of the questions people considering or encountering consecrated celibacy may have, including how to come to a decision, what making a vow to stay single out of love for God might look like, and how to live out this calling “in the world”. This book will be a welcome resource for many trying to discern their calling to a committed and meaningful Christian life. It will also be helpful for spiritual directors, priests and pastors who accompany others on this journey or seek to deepen their own understanding about this ancient charism God continues to give to the Body of Christ.

Author: Christine Barnabas
Format: Paperback
Pages: 149
Published: Aug 2022
Dimensions: 127mm x 204mm