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Newman, His Life and Spirituality, by Louis Bouyer

SKU GW-9781586175023

Newman: His Life and Spirituality. An Intellectual & Spiritual Biography of John Henry Newman. The author studied important unpublished documents by Newman at Birmingham Oratory and addressed the delicate question of Newman's sensitive temperament, the key to entering the world of this great theologian. For Bouyer, one of the principle elements of the spiritual universe of Newman is a genuine mysticism of Christ: "Irreplaceable mirror outside of which God's radiance eludes fallen man and only appears as a shadow." Bouyer shows that St Augustine was the great apostle to the early Church, and St Thomas Aquinas was to the Middle Ages, so is Newman that for modern times. A work of major significance for anyone who wants to approach the towering figure of John Henry Newman. "No voice from beyond the grave speaks to us powerfully as Newman does; because there is no one who speaks more directly to the heart, as there is no one who speaks more directly from the heart." -Louis Bouyer. 

Author: Louis Bouyer
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 410
Published: Oct 2011
Dimensions: 152mm x 229mm