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The Reluctant Leader, by Peter Shaw & Hilary Douglas LIMITED AVAILABILITY

SKU CP-9781848258754

Taking on a leadership role does not always come naturally. Lack of confidence, self-doubt, apprehension and fear of failure all hold many gifted people back. In The Reluctant Leader, coaching experts Peter Shaw and Hillary Douglas share wisdom gained from working extensively with leaders across all sectors, helping you turn your natural hesitation into a confident use of your leadership gifts. Recognising the importance of humility, they offer many practical tips for gaining confidence by adopting good role models, building support, experimenting with a wider repertoire of skills, celebrating success and growing through failure. With many examples and tips for good practice, The Reluctant Leader explores reluctance at emotional, intellectual and practical levels, asking such questions as: - Why do I not want to stand out from others? - Why do I dwell on risks and fears? - Why do I shy away from conflict? - Why do I have to be 100 per cent sure before taking a step forward? - How can I overcome a fear of public speaking?

Author: Peter Shaw & Hilary Douglas
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Published: Sept 2016
Dimensions: 135mm x 216mm