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Beholding Beauty - An Easter Miracle, by Madeleine Carroll and Pedro De la Fuente

SKU IB-9781739233204

"Where Jeremiah was born the sun glittered silver on a lake full of life. Crashing waves on the rocks in winter storms were always loud, and in spring the air was fresh with shore flowers. Each season brought its own smells, blowing in over the Sea of Galilee. Jeremiah was blind, but, although his world was dark, it was full of sound and love.".....
Beholding Beauty: An Easter Miracle is a beautiful Lent and Easter stort about Jesus, after His Resurrection, healing a blind boy. It is an imaginary story about the sort of things we know Our Lord actually did do, and is based around the people He may well have met and befriended, and the places He visited. At the back of the book there are excerpts from Scripture describing how Jesus healed a man born blind, and also the second miraculous catch of fish. Beautifully illustrated throughout by Pedro De la Fuente.

Author: Madeleine Carroll
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 28
Published: Feb 2023
Dimensions: 208mm x 208mm