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FREE delivery on all UK orders over £75.00
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Swift Lite Charcoal, Longer Burning 40mm Diameter Rings, Carton of 12 Boxes (1200 Tablets)

SKU SL-Carton-12 Boxes

Swift Lite, Longer Burning Quick Lite Charcoal Rings. Charcoal rings 40mm diameter for long burning time than the standard 33mm diameter rings. This charcoal is produced from sustainable timber sources.

Cost Per Box (100 Rings) £17.60 Inclusive of VAT. 20% Discount off Single Box Price

Made In The UK
Contents Per Box: 10 Rolls - Each Roll Containing 10 x Rings/Tablets.
Approximate burning time is between 45-60 mins.
PLEASE NOTE: Store opened packets in a dry cool place, do not allow to get damp.