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Abba Amma Improvisations on the Lord's Prayer, by Nicola Slee

SKU CP-9781786223210

The Lord's Prayer unites Christians of all traditions. It is the first and perhaps only prayer that people learn by heart. However, its patriarchal and kingdom imagery do not resonate universally today. How do we pray the prayer Jesus taught us in ways which are authentic and life-giving? This volume, emerging from years of praying the Lord's Prayer, offers a series of prayers and poems written in response to it. They wrestle with its central images and bring our own stories and relationships into dialogue with it. Each prayer uses the address Abba or Amma: Aramaic terms of intimate address to God as father or mother which reflect Jesus' usage, drawing on the abbas and ammas of the Desert Tradition as well as our own parental relationships. It aims to integrate our whole human journey into the vocation of being a follower of Jesus. An extended introduction explores why praying the Lord's Prayer is significant, how it is problematic, and how contemporary theological reinterpretations offer fresh perspective on it.

Author: Nicola Slee
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Published: Jan 2022
Dimensions: 135mm x 216mm