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Confirmation Notebook, by Hugh Montefiore 6th Edition

SKU SPCK-9780281055210

Confirmation Notebook. A Guide To Christian Belief and Practise. At a time when there are often as many adults as young people preparing for confirmation, the concept of notes written in adult language, which the younger candidate can grow into, is particularly appropriate for today's needs. The growing number of adult study groups, working through mutual questioning within group discussions, will find it helpful to have these clear succinct notes about the content of Christian belief and practice. Few books have been more influential in confirmation preparation than Hugh Montefiore's 'Confirmation Notebook', written while he was vicar of the University Church in Cambridge. After five editions, with nineteen printings of the fifth edition alone, the notebook is now in a handy pocket-sized format that includes space at the end of each chapter for notes. Existing chapters have been updated and, in most cases, enlarged, while new chapters have been added on 'Common Worship', Christian festivals and fasts, Christian responsibilities, Christian behaviour, and the Christian view on sex and marriage. This publication fills a gap in confirmation preparation; Includes new chapters on Common Worship, Christian behaviour, sex, and the Church's Year; This is a classic in confirmation preparation. It is a very simple statement and summary of faith, rather like a Catechism. It is not intended as a textbook, but as a resource for the student to keep. This new edition is user-friendly and attractive.

Author: Hugh Montefiore
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: Mar 2002
Dimensions: 175mm x 130mm