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Handbook of Scriptural Novenas, by Dr Raymond Edwards & Glynn MacNiven-Johnston


Handbook of Scriptural Novenas. These newly composed novena prayers present figures from Scripture form whom we learn lessons in faith and prayer. The situations and difficulties they faced frequently mirror our own worries and concerns. Thus Hannah prays for the gift of children, Job learns to be honest with God, Martha complains that she does all the work, Deborah and Barak learn what to do when overwhelmed, and Jonah too when God’s plan doesn’t seem to make sense. These and other figures open the Scriptures to us, and we learn more of the Novenas as a form of prayer.

Author: R Edwards, G. M. Johnston
Format: Paperback
Pages: 72
Published: Jun 2015
Dimensions: 105 x 148mm
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society
ISBN: 9781784690663