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Jesus's Little Book of Wisdom, by Andrea Kirk Assaf

SKU HC-9780008262242

Jesus's Little Book of Wisdom. In times of need, many of us turn to the words of the Lord. Jesus's teachings have been a source of comfort and wisdom for millennia; for all those who believe, he brings the love of God and the message of redemption. We can reflect on his great mercy to bring hope and solace to our everyday lives. In this beautiful, treasurable collection, the wisdom of Christ has been distilled into themes such as love, forgiveness, peace, and salvation. Jesus's Little Book of Wisdom offers his teachings as inspirational bite-sized extracts for readers to turn to time and time again. Contents: Reflections, PART ONE: Love, PART TWO: Forgiveness, PART THREE: Peace, PART FOUR: Charity, PART FIVE: Repentance, PART SIX: Suffering, PART SEVEN: Resurrection, PART EIGHT: Salvation, Afterword.

Author: Andrea Kirk Assaf
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 400
Published: Nov 2017
Dimensions: 108mm x 128mm.