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Just Like You, by Sarah J. Dodd & Giusi Capizzi

SKU LH-9780745977133

Miki is a baby meerkat who lives with his Mama in a zoo. When a new family move in next door, Miki hopes for a friend to play with. But the new arrival is different to Miki in every way. She’s tall, he’s small; she sleeps standing up, he sleeps in a burrow; she eats from the freetops, he eats from the ground… However, Miki and Raffa the giraffe soon realize that for every physical difference between them, there’s a similarity and compatibility in what they both enjoy – or are scared of! And seeing from the world from someone else’s point of view might be fun after all.

Author: Sarah Dodd & Giusi Capizzi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Published: Mar 2019
Dimensions: 215 x 260mm
Publisher: Lion Hudson
ISBN: 9780745977133