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Modern Flights, Where next? by Julia Golding & Andrew Briggs

SKU LH-9780745977553

Modern Flights Where next? paperback book, by Julia Golding and Andrew Brigg. Join Harriet, Darwin’s pet tortoise, and Milton, Schrodinger’s indecisive cat on a time-travelling quest of discovery, unravelling scientific exploration and religious beliefs and how they fit together. Throughout the centuries humans have been looking for answers to BIG questions – how did the universe start? Is there a God behind it? Has science explained away the need for a God, or can faith enhance scientific discovery? Take to the skies in this adventure and zoom off into space , exploring the scientific discoveries of the technological age. Step into Harriet and Milton’s time machine, bring some snacks, and enjoy this curious quest of discovery.

Author: Julia Golding and Andrew Brigg
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Published: Jun 2019
Dimensions: 130 x 198mm
Publisher: Lion Hudson
ISBN: 9780745977553