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Searching for a Silent God, by Sarah Parkinson

SKU SP-9781789590388

Having come to faith as a young adult, Sarah Parkinson had always had a strong sense of the presence and loving care of God in her life. Following a family bereavement, she found herself searching for a God who no longer seemed to be there. Through prayer, exploration and spiritual direction Sarah found herself growing into a more profound and mature relationship with God. In Searching for a Silent God, Sarah Parkinson combines autobiographical reflection with poetry written during her experience of divine silence and thus enables others to engage with their spirituality in a new and different way. The author tells her own story, and in doing so enables others to search for and find transformation in their faith and life. It is a deeply moving exploration of experiencing how God can be silent and appear absent at a time of searching and bereavement. This is a thoughtful and engaging companion for all who experience times of spiritual crisis.

Author: Sarah Parkinson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 110
Published: Jun 2019
Dimensions: 127mm x 203mm