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Study Missal For The Clergy, by CTS


Study Missal For The Clergy. The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England, Wales and Scotland. The Study Missal is a scaled-down reference version of the Altar Missal, designed for use in liturgical planning and study. It is also suitable as a highly portable Missal that priests can use for house Masses or when travelling. It reproduces in full the contents of the Altar Missal, scaled down by 26% and in full colour. The pagination matches exactly both the Altar Missal and the Chapel Missal. Cover decoration. Gold decorative blocking on front, back and spine. Cruciform design based on Byzantine St George’s cross. Colour illustrations. Full-colour illustrations from the 12th-century Ingeborg Psalter (Musée Condé). Ribbons. Six liturgically-coloured with 6mm-wide ribbons. National Propers.Contains National Propers for England and Wales, Scotland, all placed throughout the Missal with each in its correct place (i.e. not placed separately in an appendix). Index. Fully indexed, including National Propers. Paper. High-contrast white 45 gsm paper throughout. Sustainably sourced, archive grade. Music. Every preface is set to music in easy-to-read five-line notation. Typeset in specially modified version of Stone font for maximum readability with rubrics in red.

Font Size 9.5 pt. 

Author: CTS Books
Format: Flexible Leatherette
Number of Pages: 1566
Published: Jan 2011
Dimensions: 120mm x 170mm.