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Thinking Christian Ethos: Meaning of Catholic Education, by David Albert Jones and Stephen Barrie CTS Books

SKU CTS-ED19-9781784690311

This book is about the meaning of Catholic education. It is not a book only for practising Roman Catholics but is a resource for anyone who wishes to explore how education is to be understood from a Christian perspective. It sets out a vision of education that is, or that ought to be, embodied in a Church School (especially but not only in a Catholic school). Its primary concern is religious and moral education, not only as subjects in themselves, but as the foundation of the entire educational process. The project, of which this book is the centre-piece, grew out of the experience of the authors, and in particular from their discussions with students, teachers and school leaders.

Author: D. A. Jones & S. Barrie
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Published: May 2015
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm