Walsingham Products

We are based in the Historic and Pilgrimage village of Little Walsingham, site of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.  In this section you will find lots of related products and gifts depicting the seated Lady of Walsingham image including wall mounted canopies, statues and stained glass window stickers.  The replica statues of this image resemble those found in the Anglican Shrine and also the Catholic Slipper Chapel nearby.  The Great Seal of Walsingham is taken from an original Seal found in the area, dropped by a Pilgrim making their once of a lifetime pilgrimage to Walsingham many centuries ago.   We have beautiful handmade pewter Pilgrim Badges and those specifically related to Pilgrimage to Walsingham are shown here each with their own story and meaning.  If you are interested in the historic details we supply books with all the facts you will need on the Story of Walsingham and Every Pilgrim's Guide to Walsingham and Pilgrimages in general.  Our Ceramic Chalices are made locally and show the imprint of Our Lady of Walsingham image on the side as do our Ceramic Candle Holders.  The Annunciation is of particular importance in Walsingham and we have beautiful depictions of this in our Della Robia range, suitable both indoors or outside.

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