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Brave, by Deborah Duncan

SKU LH-9780857218995

Brave. Being brave through the seasons of our lives, by Deborah Duncan. Hollywood's definition of bravery often centres on superheroes and death-defying feats, and the Bible also includes acts of incredible courage. However, these examples can often feel far from our day-today lives. In Brave, Debbie Duncan assures us that God's definition of courage is not limited to liberating a nation like Moses or fighting a giant like David. Indeed, facing everyday situations requires bravery. Perhaps you're facing redundancy, ill health, or strife in your family. Giving examples from her personal life. Debbie takes us on a journey that will help us endure the challenges that come our way with our heads held high. Understanding what real-life bravery looks like will encourage you to step out of the boat like Peter, or simply to get out of bed when you're struggling. Brave will help to reassure you that God is with you in every season of life, and that you are braver than you think! 

Author: Deborah Duncan
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Published: Mar 2018
Dimensions: 130 x 198mm
Publisher: Lion Hudson
ISBN: 9780857218995